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The summer in-person meeting will be held Sunday, August 30, 2015 from 9:00am to 6:00pm. The location will be at CoverMyMeds in downtown Columbus at 2 Miranova Place Floor 12, Columbus, OH 43215.

The parking garage for Miranova is located on Mound Street. Westin Columbus is located less than a block away. There is a white proximity card left on the yellow printer to open the gate.

We coordinated availability on Doodle for this meeting.


The focus of this meeting is preparation for the 2015 Ohio LinuxFest on October 2 and 3.

Items for Discussion

Please put any topics that you would like to discuss with the team in this list and we'll try to slot it into the final agenda.

  • Schedule
  • Layout
    • Signage
    • Walkthrough at GCCC
  • Program
  • Catering


If you will be present in person, please put your name here.

  • Warner Moore
  • Michael Schultheiss
  • Vance Kochenderfer
  • Susan Rose
  • Scott Courtney
  • Your name here


If you're going to join us electronically, please put your name here.

  • Beth Lynn Eicher - will dial in. Unavailable Eastern 13:00-14:30.
Just want to dial in? (all numbers <>)
1) Direct-dial with my iPhone <tel:+14087407256,,#6146685111#,1315#> or 
+1 408 740 7256 <tel:+1 408 740 7256> 
+1 888 240 2560 <tel:+1 888 240 2560> (US Toll Free)
+1 408 317 9253 <tel:+1 408 317 9253> (Alternate Number)

2) Enter Meeting ID: 6146685111
3) Enter Participant PIN: 1315 

To join video chat on your computer use:


If you can't make it, please put your name here so we won't be expecting you

  • Your name here


Files/links to items we may need to refer to during the meeting.

Anne Schmitz, CTA
P: 614-827-2577
F: 614-827-2508


Main slots, earlier penguins, filled OSSS nearly there

Discussed Peppercorn vs. Franklin, continuing with Franklin.

Release game may be free. Beth coordinating.

Skippy wants to move one of the OLFI classes to the first floor of D pod so that there's 3 top and 3 bottom if LPI does not participate.

Beth wants Don to have a class even if there's not LPI. "Entry level Sysadmin"

Skippy wants a preference for existing classes.


Expo map from the convention center Vance will get the sign spreadsheet to the event planner Warner to reach out to Rafeeq for him to get the Career Track published. Vance to publish schedule after pre-con Team to provide updates to Susan for social media ScottC to provide recommendation on schedule/app. Update web site for the Drury being booked up. Something to identify volunteers? Ribbon or so forth. - Create Session - Timeslot, room, mark accepted, career track

Food - Priced based on estimated headcount - Always include staff - Speakers, maybe include? (32 approximately 1k per day) If so, ask them to RSVP. - OLFI (48 last year, $1440 per day) Friday - Taco bar - OLFI Saturday - Should include OLFI but doesn't say so on the registration. Skippy doesn't want to provide. - Pasta bar

Vance promised afterparty to speakers.


Registration between E160A/B on wall, partially open? Where to place signs? We're not on the calendar. What to do? Move in for the expo, logistics with other events