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The winter in-person meeting will be held Sunday, March 8, 2015 from 9:00am to 6:00pm. The location will be CoverMyMeds in downtown Columbus at 2 Miranova Place Floor 10, Columbus, OH 43215.

The parking garage for Miranova is located on Mound Street. Westin Columbus is located less than a block away.

We coordinated availability on [URL Doodle] for this meeting.


Items for Discussion

Please put any topics that you would like to discuss with the team in this list and we'll try to slot it into the final agenda.

  • Last Con
    • What went well last year
    • What didn't go well
  • This year
    • What to improve?
    • Components - should we do them? Scheduling? Who will own them?
      • OLFI
        • Certification prep
      • Early Penguins talks
      • Keynotes (number/timing)
      • Happy Hour
      • Birds of a Feather
      • Keynote dinner
      • Expo
      • Open Source Solutions Stage
      • Career Track
      • New User Track
      • Lightning Talks
      • DIOS
      • Certification exams
  • Add your item here
  • Add your item here



If you will be present in person, please put your name here.

  • Warner Moore
  • Rob Ball
  • Vance Kochenderfer
  • Michael Schultheiss
  • Susan Rose
  • Your name here


If you're going to join us electronically, please put your name here. Details to follow for joining.

  • Beth Lynn Eicher
  • Your name here


If you can't make it, please put your name here so we won't be expecting you

  • Your name here


Files/links to items we may need to refer to during the meeting.


Document happenings at the meeting, decisions made, etc. here.


Attended by: Beth-Lynn, Mike, Rob, Skippy, Susan, Vance, Warner

Before lunch:

Expo too small / comments from attendees - More Open Source projects. - Howto guide for Open Source projects vending - Solicit more Open Source community vendors / offer free booth. - Identify decision makers in the organization. Liked the refreshments in expo, afterparty. Vendors liked that. Liked the staging area new the registration. Liked OSSS near expo - Earlier audio issues. - Docker SRO Registration went well. No bottlenecks. - Change in software, easier for volunteers to use. - Prepared for OLFI in advance. - Liked the location. - Swag table on the side. Self serve is good. - Good that the expo was nearby. - Issues if folks register for multiple people at once. Revisit registration process on the web side. - Issues identifying what folks paid for as addons. - Dedicated registration for speakers, etc. Liked having a single pod. Kept the conference together. Liked using the North Market for lunch. DIOS on Sunday is bad. Move to Friday. Technical problems with OLFI. - Clearly communicate what we support technically to speakers. Revise language to reflect limitations. - Red Hat (Thomas Cameron) had issues. Resolved by the afternoon. - Scott offered refunds but no one accepted. Lightning talks went well. People loved it. Need more help. - Vance wants to offload the keynote dinner. Challenges with A/V. - Saturday morning. Went well after. More tracks -- smaller rooms. Vance thinks that it was too much, reduced quality overall. Setup with Early Penguins worked out well. Venue / Vendor relationships - Not forthcoming about other events in the building. - Highball created some issues. Person napping in the room. - Issues with vendor for keynote dinner. Misplaced credit card. Plastic bowls -- wanted to retrieve them. Change vendors. OLFI instructor didn't have clarity around their compensation. - Be clear to instructors about compensation and how they will be paid. Physical office space - Difficult logistically to move things back and forth. - Rob recommends UPS store. BLE really pleased by the linux action show review. - Invite them out again. Plan out in advance. Speaker lounge: keep it!

After lunch:

  • PR

- Podcasts - Kevin / guest at his podcast - Talking points for those who do it. - Warner's available with a couple weeks advance notice.

Venue - Explore Easton and Polaris - Possibly Shriner's

Certifications - BLE leading - Seeking Dru's feedback on Saturday - Avoid Sunday - Morning and afternoon on Saturday 4-6PM - Keep cram session on Friday

DIOS - BLE leading - Integrating with conference as a whole - Ally skills workshop on Friday - Maybe OpenHatch / Python for women - General diversity content on

General Con - A couple more tracks on Fri. - A couple less tracks on Sat. - Keynote on stage in expo, transition to expo happy hour on Friday. - Lightning talks can be where ever but can stick to Saturday before keynote as default. Scott will lead. - "Unconference" idea from Scott if we end up needing extra time. - Last year Friday schedule flow worked well. - Maybe "BBSDocumentary(.com)" as movie. - Three keynotes. Friday morning, Saturday morning, and Saturday evening. - Treat "new user or beginner" content as every other track. If submitted and high quality, we schedule on Friday. - Expo on Friday too. Open before lunch. - OSSS close to expo. - Revisit theme once we have final keynotes.

Rob's going to work on a lead management system for vendors. Locked into food and 'net with GCCC, nothing else.

Subscribe John BoF dude to planning.

General notes:

Mike, approximately 835 attendees. Maybe more as it doesn't include single folks. Warner, recruit speakers for main tracks as well. Make sure to loop Vance in. May need more of a process. Susan, "post con" testing, et cetera for Sunday. Vance, DIOS "workshop" on Friday. BLE wants to keep certifications. BLE, contact Stormy Peters. Susan, move certs to Saturday. Vance, include on survey -- how many tracks? Good or bad.