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All space listed below is on hold at the Hyatt for September 29-30, 2017. Ideally, we'd have the following:

  • CHANGE MADE Fri/Sat: Private dining room for speaker green room (Unavailable as of 7/12/2017)
  • CHANGE MADE Fri/Sat: Lunch move to Delaware
  • CHANGE MADE Fri/Sat: DIOS move to Delaware
  • Sat: After-party move to Delaware (Need at least three of the four partitions)

Potential issues:

Addressed. Moved to Delaware. * Time for Hayes changeover. Consider alternative options. Half rounds? Need to avoid impacting the program. Also might confuse Early Penguin attendees.

Vance/Warner discussion:

  • Use Franklin C/D for keynote on Friday instead of Union A. Will need to open rooms. Gives capacity of 270.

DONE The space cannot be assigned until September 1. Warner has a call scheduled with Megan, our event planner at Hyatt, to revisit.


  • Regency Ballroom unavailable. Keeping keynotes in main space.
  • Private Dining Room unavailable. Keeping green room in current location.

More changes:

  • No DIOS on Friday
  • DIOS needs banquet not classroom


Time Place Configuration Activity
0700-1710 Franklin Foyer tables Registration
0700-1710 Morrow 1 conference table or rounds Greenroom/storage
0900-1600 Taft A Classroom 144 PGconf
0900-1600 Franklin C/D Theater 320 Early Penguins
0900-1600 Union A Classroom 114 OLFI
0900-1600 Fairfield Classroom 165 OLFI
0900-1600 Clark Classroom 60 OLFI
0900-1600 Delaware A Classroom 123 OLFI
0900-1600 Delaware B Classroom 123 OLFI
0900-1600 Delaware C Classroom 123 OLFI
0900-1600 Delaware D Classroom 123 OLFI
0900-1600 Hayes unused unused
1200-1300 Franklin A/B Banquet 200 Lunch for OLFI and VIPs
1300-1600 Union B/C/D/E Expo Expo Setup
1610-1710 Franklin C/D Theater 320 Friday Keynote
1710-2000 Union B/C/D/E Expo Expo & Happy Hour
1600-1900 Union A flip into banquet DARK
1800-2100 Fairfield Classroom 165 OLFI
1800-2100 Clark Classroom 60 OLFI
1800-2100 Delaware A Classroom 123 BOF
1800-2100 Delaware B Classroom 123 BOF
1800-2100 Delaware C Classroom 123 BOF
1800-2100 Delaware D Classroom 123 BOF
1800-2000 Franklin C/D Theater 320 BOF
2000-2100 Franklin C/D Theater 320 GSoC BOF
1900-2100 Union A 40 Keynote Dinner


Time Place Configuration Activity
0700-1800 Franklin foyer tables Registration
0700-1800 Morrow 1 conference table Greenroom/storage
0900-1600 Taft A Theater 215 PGconf
0900-1000 Franklin C/D Theater 320 Keynote
0900-1000 Franklin A/B Dark
0900-1000 Clark Dark
1000-1015 Franklin C/D Dark Close airwall (Switching over space)
1000-1800 Franklin A Theater 160 Main Track/Open Source Solutions Stage
1000-1800 Franklin B Theater 160 Main Track
1000-1800 Clark Theater 90 LPI test?
1000-1800 Union A Theater 140 Career Track
1000-1800 Union B/C/D/E Expo Expo (exhibitor packup 1700-1800)
1015-1700 Franklin C Theater 160 Main Track
1015-1700 Franklin D Theater 160 Main Track
1000-1500 Delaware C/D Classroom 246 DIOS
1200-1300 Delaware A/B Rounds Lunch
1700-1715 Franklin C/D Dark Open airwall
1715-1800 Franklin C/D Theater 320 Lightning Talks
1800-1900 Franklin C/D Theater 320 Keynote
1900-2300 Delaware A/B/C Banquet and cocktail rounds 300-350 Afterparty