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== 2012 ==
== 2012 ==
* BarCamp on Friday
* BarCamp on Friday ([[User:skippy13|Scott]] willing to take ownership)
== Historical ==
== Historical ==

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  • BarCamp on Friday (Scott willing to take ownership)


ideas from 2011 (or earlier)

  • Day care: Either someone to wrangle people with the appropriate license to staff a room and/or finding local drop-in day cares that would take kids, and for how much.
  • Someone monitoring a NOC to make sure that the network is not being abused,

throwing people off who overuse the bandwidth

  • Run an internal-only network (internal IRC/xmmp/etc?)
  • Start Earlier so we can have a real dinner break before keynotes
  • Bump up price of supporter/pro pass and add dinner
  • 2nd saturday party in the drury? for family friendly fun or in one of the rooms in manbearpig. (manbearpig has wiis for rent)
  • little golf cart (6 person?) rental? for transport?
  • Rent Hand Carts (Done: the same people who rent tables rents them for $25/day/each)
  • Packing up Conference Materials in reusable labeled.
  • Maintain inventory of said boxes.