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What can we do to improve the Ohio LinuxFest for next year? 117 responses. Almost all complaints have to do with things for which the solution is "more money" (No free wifi, complaints about food, the after party, etc., plus things related to the server failure) which are pointless to angst over.

  • Some smaller group areas with more hands on and direct discussions of topics
  • Some medical track speakers geared towards IT people not Medical pros
  • Better labeling of the talks as beginner/advanced/for programmers etc.
  • Hands-on labs
  • If the "Open Source Medical Track" is included, send an invitation to representatives of State Medical and Health Professions Organizations, Hospital Administrators and Medical Schools. (note: I thought we did...)
  • More interesting stuff for younger (High School) people
  • Use a big whiteboard for last minute changes
  • Add bios to schedule (note: which would mean more pages, which is more money)
  • Room for scheduled lightning talks
  • Check-in needs to make sure people know where they're going
  • Video feeds on local network and/or monitors in public areas
  • Bigger expo (note: about 6 people suggested this)
  • More "hanging out" seating, especially near the expo

Comments from another planet:

  • Too many tracks! I wanted to see things that conflicted!
  • Need more tracks!
  • Most talks seem geared to hobbyists!
  • Most talks seem geared to coders and full Linux geeks!
  • Most talks are geared to business people!
  • Too many talks are too simple
  • Too many talks are too hard
  • Too many talks are either too easy or too hard
  • You should be able to make your point in 20 minutes!"
  • You shouldn't have speakers who end in only 20 minutes!"
  • The day went too long, I was too tired for the parties!"
  • The day is too short, you can fit more things in!"
  • Don't schedule on the same day as an OSU football game!
  • Hold social events during the day!
  • You have maddog every year! Enough!
  • Keep bringing back maddog!