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Note: Anyone involved with the Ohio LinuxFest is welcome to edit this page. If you do not have access please see UsingThisWiki .

This is for things we must do next year, that need someone to be assigned to do or be in charge of.

Overall: Planning

  • Build a timeline when things should be done.
  • Room freeze two weeks out
    • Add room info to the online schedule
  • 6 months out (APRIL) decide schedule, including what tracks and at what times.
    • including the keynotes
    • when BoFs will be, what rooms
  • Have speakers ready to go by July.
  • 6 week out in-person meeting to hash over major last minute crap
    • Info can be obtained from website
    • OLFU and other reg required event signs must state 'For XYZ ONLY'
  • ASL interpreters (in progress via Maco/Mel/Carol R/Moose & others). See Accessibility for notes.
  • Dot-org booths: ask for refundable deposit, if they noshow we keep it

Overall: Staff

  • Better job tracking -- who is assigned what
  • Need (more) security people
    • watch for problems
    • guard areas with cash or items of value
    • handle minor problems, escalate major problems
  • Need room checkers for Saturday (preferably both days, but def. Sat)
    • monitors room doors to make sure all have registered (tag) or have correct badging
    • Must be able to deal with conflict calmly.
    • ex. ("I'm sorry, you need to register over at that table, it's free")
  • Need a person in charge of t-shirts
    • helps coordinate the ordering of tshirts
    • keeps track of shirts onsite
    • guards and allocates staff shirts
  • Need a person in charge of Early Penguins
    • Helps choose talks for EP
    • Speaker wrangling (making sure speakers get registered, book travel, sign releases, arrive safely, etc.)
    • Intro EP talks or delegate as needed
    • Preferred: Someone who has been to OLF and/or has conference staph experience
  • Need a person to be the dot-org liason (for dot-org tables in the expo)
    • Help find dot-orgs for Expo
    • Help

Overall: Event

  • Wrist tags for identifying who is in what (OLFU, Zenoss, etc.)
  • Make sure that all non-sponsored track speakers get upgraded to supporter
  • BoFs need to get advertised earlier


  • Need clear outline of what needs to get done
    • Especially things that can be done during walk-through
  • Signs for Friday can go up during walk-through
  • Welcome meeting for Friday speakers
  • ALL volunteered projectors must be onsite by Thu evening
    • And labeled with which are going where ('potentially owned by Vance')

Event: Friday

  • Lunch tickets taken
  • Need to start arranging for laptops for OLFU Linux Basics NOW
  • Let's drop class price for LB DRASTICLY and add "and you can buy the laptop"
    • need price for laptop asap
  • Make sure Zenoss tells their people to register for OLF, we shouldn't have to chase them
  • Need to make sure talks are fully visible, usable, ok, ahead of time

Event: Saturday

  • Get raffle stuff ready earlier, ready to go 1st thing in am
    • start raffles earlier
    • get Caitlin an assistant