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Leigh Honeywell tapped as first of two SCALE 9X keynote speakers

LOS ANGELES -- The Southern California Linux Expo is happy to announce that Leigh Honeywell has been chosen as the first keynote speaker for SCALE 9X.

Honeywell will be speaking on the topic of “Hackerspaces and Free Software,” and how the two communities are mutually beneficial to each other.

Honeywell is co-founder and current president of HackLab.TO, a hackerspace in downtown Toronto. She currently serves on the board of advisors of the SECtor security conference, has served as a Google Summer of Code mentor, and is one of the Tres Chix leading the Ubuntu Women project.

A second keynote speaker will be chosen, with keynotes to be delivered on Saturday and Sunday mornings at SCALE 9X.

SCALE 9X will be held Feb. 25-27, 2011, at the Los Angeles Airport Hilton. For more information, vist


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