Press Release 7/30/13 - Kirk McKusick

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Kirk McKusick to Keynote Ohio LinuxFest 2013

Columbus, Ohio - July 30. Ohio LinuxFest is very pleased to announce that Kirk McKusick will be a keynote speaker at the 2013 event, to be held September 13-15 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center.

Kirk McKusick is a longtime promoter of Free Software, particularly the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) of Unix. In the early days he shared an office with Bill Joy (later founder of Sun Microsystems), and is credited with designing the original Berkeley Fast File System (FFS). He implemented soft updates, an alternative approach to maintaining disk integrity after a crash or power outage, in FFS, and a revised version of UFS known as "UFS2", and is primarily responsible for creating the complementary features of filesystem snapshots and background fsck (file system check and repair).

Kirk is also on the editorial board of ACM Queue Magazine, and has served twice as President of the Usenix Association. (1990-1992, and 2002-2004)

Media Contact: Kevin O'Brien, Publicity Director 1-734-224-8520