Press Release 1/28/12

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Ohio LinuxFest Opens Call for Talks in 10th Year Celebration

Columbus, Ohio - January 28. Ohio Linuxfest is proud to announce that we will be celebrating our tenth year of Linux advocacy on September 28-30 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in downtown Columbus, Ohio.

In preparation for this signal anniversary we ar opening our Call for Talks and inviting supporters of Free and Open Source software and hardware to submit proposals. Full details can be found at

The Ohio LinuxFest is an annual, grassroots conference for the Free and Open Source community that started in 2003 as an inter-LUG meeting and has grown steadily since to become the midwest's largest open source event. OLF is run by the Ohio LinuxFest Corporation, a 501c3 non-profit and all volunteer organization. The annual conference is held every fall in Columbus, Ohio.

Media Contact: Kevin O'Brien, Publicity Director 1-734-224-8520