Press Promotion 2012 Ideas

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This page is for ideas on how we can improve our press promotion in 2012.

  • Get out more Press Releases earlier in the cycle. (e.g. one for each keynoter, one for OLFI, one for Med Track, etc.)
  • Have a designated speaker/interviewee for each topic. (e.g. Susan Rose for Med Track). Develop talking points we want to emphasize. Make these people available to the press for interviews.
  • Offer free passes to the press.
  • Arrange press interviews at the event. (What does a reporter need?)
  • For people like keynoters, or other speakers, put out press release that also promotes their organization or project. The idea is create a hook on why this speaker is interesting or why a reporter might want to interview them.
  • Talk to our friends in the media (e.g. Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols, Rikki Kite) about how we can improve our results with the press.