OLF 2011 Talking Points

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  • Cathy Malmrose - Owner/Founder ZA Reason "The Long-Term Benefits of Your Work - How Free and Open Source Software is Changing People's Lives"
  • Bradley Kuhn - Executive Driector, Software Freedom Conservancy "With Software as a Service, Is Only the Network Luddite Free?"
  • Jon "maddog" Hall - Linux International, "The Twentieth Birthday of the Linux Kernel", "Free Culture in the year 2031"

OLF Institute

All OLFI classes require a Professional Pass, which is $350, but Linux Basics is only $250. These passes include lunch Friday and Saturday, and a T-shirt.

  • Linux Basics - Discounted price ($250 instead of $350), day long class, can purchase laptop for $100 at end.
  • LPIC 101 and 102 Cram Session - Day long, exams are offered on Sunday, cost of exam is not included.
  • Other all day - FreeBSD for Linux System Administrators; VIM: From Essentials to Mastery
  • Morning half-day classes -
    • Apache Server Wizardry
    • Databases: What You Need to Know
    • Practical Photography
    • Introduction to Python for System Administration
  • Afternoon Half-Day Classes -
    • mod_rewrite Boot Camp
    • Introduction to Python for System Administration
    • Intro to Arduino Programming
    • Non Obvious Nagios

Medical Track

  • Susan Rose MSN RN Faculty, Nursing Informatics -
    • CES and VEHU-Free online medical IT training
    • Pager Be Gone! Better Communications for providers
  • Ruth Suehle Red Hat opensource.com/health - Off your Linux machine and into your doctor’s office!
  • Adam Goode, Google Pittsburgh, CMU - OpenSlide: Liberating your microscopy from proprietary formats
  • Samuel Bowen MD, openmedsoftware.org - Taking OpenEMR to Meaningful Use Certification and Beyond
  • Dan Paoletti, Ohio Health Information Partnership - The Vision: By 2015 the Spotlight is on Ohio for the Meaningful Use of Health Information Technology

General Tracks

There are around 30 talks covering a wide range of Linux and OSS-related topics, so everyone is sure to find talks of interest.


Ubuntu goodness all day Friday - Ubuntu in the enterprise, Lo-Co teams,gaming, a live podcast recording, and the famous Bug #1

Cloud Community Day

This all day event Build A Cloud Day will be dedicated to teaching users how to build and manage a cloud computing environment using free and open source software.

Open Source Solutions Stage

This gives companies an opportunity to showcase their Open Source offerings. Among the presenters this year are

  • Hewlett-Packard
  • IBM
  • Op5
  • OpenStack
  • CloudStack
  • Apparatus