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Did you attend OLFU

102 responses Yes 23.5% 24 people No 76.5% 78 people

What was your opinion on

(20 responses)

  • Class selection
Excellent 35.0%
Good 55.0%
Fair 10.0%
Poor 0.0%
  • Instructor selection
Excellent 60.0%
Good 35.0%
Fair 5.0%
Poor 0.0%
  • Class material
Excellent 50.0%
Good 40.0%
Fair 5.0%
Poor 5.0%
  • Lunch food
Excellent 11.8%
Good 52.9.%
Fair 29.4%
Poor 5.9%
  • Break food
Excellent 5.6%
Good 44.4%
Fair 44.4%
Poor 5.6%

Value of OLFU

Excellent 31.6%
Good 52.6%
Fair 15.8%
Poor 0.0%

Have you taken classes at OLFU before this year

23 responses

Yes 21.7%
No 78.3%

What other topics would you like to see for OLFU classes

9 responses (some offered more than 1 topic)

  • Puppet
  • FOSS audio production
  • Linux in the enterprise: things like clustering, using SAN storage databases
  • Cloud computing
  • Server management tools and techniques
  • 3rd party software for integration with other tools such as LDAP and AD
  • Computer network administration on Linux
  • Apache administration
  • MySQL tutorial
  • JBoss administration and operation
  • Splunk
  • Untangle
  • Bash for sysadmins
  • more in-depth IPv6
  • Best practices for running common services (mail, web, dns, etc.)
  • Virtualization
  • VOIP (asterisk)
  • Integrating Linux into an MS environment

Other comments about OLFU

  • Both for 2009 and 2010, the convention center ballrooms and the classrooms were freezing. The open area that the booths were located was fairly warm by comparison. The audio quality for the speakers in the ballrooms could be improved.
  • Coming from the professional or enterprise side of Linux, corporations are struggling with costs and OLFU is a gret value. But I would like to see the talks be more technical in nature and relate mroe to an enterprise setting.
  • Looking back, I wish I had taken the LPI track instead.
  • This is my second time through the LPI, and I've been disappointed each time. All that Don does is print off the objectives from the site and read through them. This is far from a cram session.
  • The Python class could have started with a higher assumption on the Python knowledge of people walking into the class and focused more on Python specific system administration. The afternoon class should have been the morning class and the afternoon class should have gone further.