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The Ohio LInux Fest ( an annual open source convention ) is offering a medical track in a larger overall convention held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. (Sept 9-11, 2011, with Medical track on Friday, Sept 9 )

See "about" the Ohio LInux Fest at Free pre-registration as well as supporter registration is open now.

This is an excellent opportunity for all those interested in medical developments to attend! While all the presentations are of medical importance, be sure to become part of the "The Vision" for Ohio. Dan Paoletti, Interim CEO at Ohio Health Information Partnership, also - Vice President, Data Services, The Ohio Hospital Association. will present "By 2015 the Spotlight is on Ohio for the Meaningful Use of Health Information Technology".

Further Friday Sept 9 details can be seen at A flyer to the medical track is attached.

Additionally there will also be two presentations at Ohio Linux Fest on the Solution Stage on Saturday Sept 10 of medical interest. One will be a speaker from IBM who will be sharing information about "Watson" the virtual intelligence computer that beat a human at the Jeopardy Game. It has been suggested that Watson's best use is in medical diagnostic support. Secondly, Apparatus will present on Mobile Device Management, (recent hospital deployment).

Pre -Register on line, and bring your group. Question and answer sessions available for every talk. See you there!