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Questions about Friday

Friday Check-in Experience

Rate your experience with Friday check-in 102 responses

Excellent 61.8%
Good 27.5%
Fair 4.9%
Poor 1.0%
N/A (checked in on Sat) 4.9%

The last (4.9%) is 5 people who said they went to events on Friday but did not check in until Saturday.

Friday Events

What did you think of: (102 responses total)

  • Early Penguin talks
Excellent 14.7%
Good 26.5%
Fair 2.0%
Did not attend 56.9%
  • Medical track
Excellent 5.9%
Good 2.9%
Fair 2.0%
Did not attend 89.2%
  • UbuCon
Excellent 12.7%
Good 12.7%
Fair 2.9%
Terrible 1.0%
Did not attend 70.6%
  • Zenoss Community Day
Excellent 6.9%
Good 2.9%
Fair 1.0%
Did not attend 89.2%

What was your favorite talk/event on Friday

65 responses (Free form - number is actual number of people who responded with that)

Early Penguins Track 1
Med Track 1
Ubucon 7
Zenoss Day 2
Maddog 13
Hacker Public Radio 5
Mel Chua 3
David Chan 2
Ruth Suehle 1
Vern Ceder 2
Susan Rose 2
Steven Pritchard 1
Mark Krenz 4
Jorge Castro 8
Amber Graner 3
Mackenzie Morgan 2
IPv6 2
Don Corbet (LPI training) 2

"I don't know his name, it was the FOSS talk."

Other comments about Friday events

23 responses (Free form)

  • Zenoss:

The Zenoss guys really know their project and evangelieze for FOSS well

better description on what was to be covered at Zenoss... was a little beyond my current level with the software...

  • UbuCon:

Good over-all selection of topics with UbuCon

UbuCon was great. I wish they could have had more specific classes on "Getting Involved" in the Ubuntu Project.

I didn't like Amber Graner's A Year NTEU Ubuntu. I felt the talk lacked focus or didn't get to any point. It felt more like pointless rambling.

  • Med Track:

The Open Source in Medi cine talks seemed largely targeted at a medicine and not IT audience. Which is fine, however, it seemed that few medical pros were in attendance. Maybe better outreach to medical communities for next year.

Part of the Saturday medical track schedule did not match the schedule of the rest of the talks.

Please continue the medical track.

The information and concepts delivered provided me a clear vision about open source medical records vs proprietary, the hardware and software options and actual solutions. Also introduced me to the concept of community, collaborative problem solutions through open source. Exposure to these concepts is a must to medicine related professions (specially medical doctors). Interacting with programmers and software developers was also a very good experience. I want to congratulate Mrs. Susan Rose ( and her collaborators) for the organization of such an excellent program. I hope the next year the Ohio Linux Fest 2011 will include another "Open Source Medical Track".

You should have the med track again next year!

Would like to see the medical track more as a track within the conference than split out. It was difficult to attend both since the times for sessions in the main LF and in the medical track were staggered.

  • EP:

Booking maddog at 5pm was a good idea. It made Friday worth attending.

I think Early Penguins is a great idea, and I'd have it again next year for sure.

  • General

Would benefit from more tables in rooms to make note-taking easier

Would have been nice to have a more note-friendly venue (tables, power, etc).

Talk room's need be be more clearly Idenified with arrows in the main hallways point to the Track Rooms.

Each of the Friday tracks I attended had excellent topics and speakers. Any additional tracks of similar quality would be an asset to OLF

More! Maybe morning workshops (i.e. hands on boot camps) for example so you want to be a sys admin, command line etc.

Talking with other OLF attendees, I got the impression that a considerably greater number of attendees attended Friday sessions than in the past.