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Why did you attend? 177 responses, can select multiple answers

Interested in learning about FOSS 65.5%
Interested in 1 or more specific talks 53.7%
Interested in OLFU 16.4%
Certification testing 6.8%
Meeting with other people who like FOSS 61.0%
Social networking 35.0%
I was a speaker 9.0%
I/My company was a sponsor 3.4%
I/My Company was in the expo 3.4%
Friend and/or family recommended it 21.5%
Went to a previous OLF and liked it 61.0%
OTHER 11.3%

Written responses: To learn how to better use FOSS at work (2 responses) I was staff/organizer/volunteer (3 responses) Medical track I'm local Heard about it from another LinuxFest It was my birthday present Furries Years of guilt from the husband for not attending with him