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Operating Manual for OLF 2011


  • Last minute bag stuffing
  • Make "OFLI" packs w/ band & sat meal ticket
  • Shirt sorting
  • KEY CHAIRS need to be at the pre-con meeting at the GCCC


  • Make sure proper registration gets correct thing
    • PROFESSIONAL gets red bands, sat meal ticket
    • CLOUD people (separate list) get blue bands
    • SUPPORTER get Sat meal ticket
    • ALL get glow bands

There may be a long line. Do not rush, do not panic. Better people wait than you get flustered and forget something.

  • ONE PERSON designated for questions
    • Where is room XYZ
    • Where is the bathrooms
    • Where is an ATM
    • I want to switch classes
  • Familiarize self with map ahead of time, do a walk through


  • There is a password
  • Any staff person who gets the password may NOT pass it along unless authorized
  • The password may change at any time, and the new one may not be as widely distributed
  • The password will change between Fri & Sat


Key security areas on Friday

  • OLFI rooms (RED bands only)
  • Coffee area (RED bands only)
  • Cloud room (BLUE bands only)
  • Lunch room (RED bands only)

Key security areas on Saturday

  • The BoF room(s)
  • The Bookstore
  • The expo as a whole
  • C220 (green room upstairs)