Big Checklist

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Operational Checklist


  • Info to Katie (GCCC) about what rooms are being used to what) DONE
  • Get Overnight Security quote (Katie/GCCC)
  • Get confirmed quote from Amarak (Catering) IN PROGRESS
  • Get confirmed quote from ACT (Tables/Booths for Expo) IN PROGRESS
  • Get confirmed quote from PSAV (a/v) IN PROGRESS
  • Get confirmed quote from SmartCity (tubes) IN PROGRESS


  • Confirm 7 projectors for OLFI
    • Confirm w/UbuCon that we will not provide, or they can provide own, projector
    • Projectors that can be used for BoFs
  • Room /Area Checkers
  • Dinner w/keynotes (keynote confirmations w/ Robyn & Mark?)
    • Staph going?


  • Confirm sponsors aware of load in/out times
  • Confirm number of needed volunteers with vol coordinator


  • Keynote abstracts from keynotes
  • Volunteer needs to vol coordinator
    • How many introducers? Room counters? etc.
  • Confirm room reservations for keynotes

Career Track

  • Finalize schedule
    • Schedule is finalized. Warner might update a couple bios.
  • Need vol introducers? other volunteers?
    • Sent volunteer requests to Len early on.
    • I need 1-2 people to help coordinate as needed throughout the day.

Meet the Penguins

  • Finalize schedule
  • Need vol introducers? other volunteers?


  • Room signs for OLFI
    • Directional signs for OLFI
  • Room signs for EP & Ubucon
  • Room signs for BoFs
  • Room signs for all Saturday rooms
    • Directional signs/maps for Saturday
    • Expo maps


  • Confirm room for testing
  • Confirm room for DIOS
    • Confirm catering for DIOS


  • Staph badging
    • Volunteer badging