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This is the text of the abbreviated CFP to be e-mailed and otherwise distributed to those who may publicize it. It links people to the full CFP on the web site.

Subject: Ohio LinuxFest 2015 Call for Presentations

The 2015 Ohio LinuxFest is looking for presentations on Friday and
Saturday, October 2 and 3.  Please visit the CFP page
<https://ohiolinux.org/CFP> for full details about submitting a
proposal.  The deadline is Friday, July 17, but the sooner you can
submit a talk, the better.

Started in 2003, the Ohio LinuxFest <https://ohiolinux.org/> is an
annual grassroots conference in Columbus, Ohio dedicated to open
access for all.  Presentations relating to any free and open source
software, not just Linux, are welcome.  Areas where we've had talks in
the past include networking, system administration, development, and
community building.

Our audience consists of people at all skill levels.  Prior speaking
experience is a plus, although we do try to provide opportunities for
first-time speakers.  If you have any questions, please contact us at
<speakers@ohiolinux.org>.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Vance Kochenderfer
Speaker Chair, 2015 Ohio LinuxFest


Places we've sent the CFP to - keep track so we don't send things twice.

News outlets

  • LWN <lwn@lwn.net>
  • LXer <sharkscott@gmail.com>
  • "openhealthnews - Roger Maduro" <ramaduro@openhealthnews.com>
  • "OpenSource.com - Ruth Suehle" <rsuehle@redhat.com>
  • Linux Journal - see Shawn Powers below
  • Linux Magazine - see maddog below
  • The Daily WTF - see Alex Papadimoulis below


  • TLLTS <techshow@thelinuxlink.net>
  • Hacker Public Radio <ken.fallon@gmail.com>
  • Social Media Security Podcast <feedback@socialmediasecurity.com>
  • Linux Basement Podcast <chad@linuxbasement.com>
  • Linux Outlaws Podcast <dan@danlynch.org>
  • Going Linux Podcast <goinglinux@gmail.com>
  • Linux Basix Podcast <doortodoorgeek@gmail.com>
  • Linux For the Rest of Us Podcast <mail@podnutz.com>
  • Mint Cast <rob@mintcast.org>
  • The Full Circle Podcast <podcast@fullcirclemagazine.org>
  • Ubuntu-UK Podcast <podcast@ubuntu-uk.org>
  • Knightcast <knightwise@knightwise.com>
  • Linux Action Show <chris@jupiterbroadcasting.com>
  • The Techie Geek Podcast <russ@thetechiegeek.com>
  • This Week In Linux <jordan@twil.tv>
  • Linux in the Ham Shack <k5tux@lhspodcast.info>
  • The Command Line Podcast <cmdln@thecommandline.net>
  • "Michael Sorg, Sorgcast" <mikesorg@gmail.com>

User Groups

  • "Western Pa. Linux Users Group" <info@wplug.org>
  • Columbus Computer Society Linux SIG <ssharkey@lanshark.com>
  • Dayton Linux SIG <DLUG-Contact@dma.org>
  • InterLUG <interlug@lists.cantonlinux.org>
  • Kent LUG <kluug@kent.edu>
  • U Cinc Laboratory for Recreational Computing <stylinae@email.uc.edu>
  • Lima LUG <shaun@therabbithole.org>
  • Marysville LUG <bryan@byhalia.net>
  • North Central Ohio LUG <rmessner@neo.rr.com>
  • Toledo LUG <officers@talug.org>
  • Xohio users group <xohio@picrad.com>
  • Apple Dayton <appledaytonsig@dma.org>
  • Central Ohio Java Users Group <announcements@cojug.org>
  • Cleveland 2600 SIG <kit@kitty.org>
  • Dayton Perl Mongers <paulv@canonical.org>
  • Lorain County PC Users Group <president@lccug.com>
  • Mac2 Macintosh Users Group <mac2mac@raex.com>
  • Mahoning Valley Mac Users Group <bob@newillmeister.com>
  • North Coast Mac Users Group <ncmug_oh@mac.com>
  • Northeast Ohio Apple Corps <marvleventhal@mac.com>
  • Northeast Ohio Open Source Society <webmaster@nooss.org>
  • Northern Ohio Pro Engineers Group <board@nopug.org>
  • Northern Ohio Vmware Users Group <gilbert.a.winter@grc.nasa.gov>
  • Rubber City Perl Mongers <markymoon@mac.com>
  • Tuscarawas County Mac Users Group <kwarrene@tcmug.org>
  • Philadelphia Area LUG <mct@toren.net> - individual requested no further mail
  • Central PA LUG <eric@openthought.net>
  • Bloomington LUG <mark@slugbug.org>
  • Fort Wayne LUG <simon.a.ruiz@gmail.com>
  • INKY:lug <supermegatron@gmail.com>
  • Notre Dame LUG <ndlug@nd.edu>
  • Morgantown Free Software Group <dharris9@mix.wvu.edu>
  • Morgantown LUG <craig@schiffbauer.org>
  • Murray State Linux BSD Group <james.lacer@gmail.com>
  • Knoxville Linux Users Group <klug@cs.utk.edu>
  • Metro Detroit Linux Users Group <mdlug@mdlug.org>
  • "Michigan /usr/group" <announce@mug.org>
  • Ubuntu Michigan LoCo <ubuntu-us-mi@lists.ubuntu.com>
  • Greater Lansing Linux Users Group <linux-user@egr.msu.edu>
  • Metro Detroit Linux Users Group <president@mdlug.org>
  • Wayne State University Linux User Group <wsulug@gmail.com>
  • Western New York Linux Users Group <bpowell@wnylug.org>, vice.president@wnylug.org
  • Capital District Linux Users Group <info@cdlug.net>
  • Stony Brook LUG <lugsb@ic.sunysb.edu>
  • Mid-Hudson Valley Linux Users Group <sean@dague.net>
  • New York Linux Scene <ruben@mrbrklyn.com>
  • New York Linux Users Group <info@nylug.org>
  • Southern Tier of New York Linux Users Group <webmaster@stnylug.org>
  • Syracuse Linux Users Group <syrlug@syrlug.org>
  • Triangle Linux Users Group <chairman@trilug.org>
  • CharLug <info@charlug.org>
  • Piedmont Linux Users Group <plug@lists.wfu.edu>
  • Linux Users of Northern Illinois <info@luni.org>
  • Rock River Linux Users Group <samiam@gmail.com>
  • Chicago Area VM Enthusiasts <cavmen@comcast.net>
  • NorthWest Chicagoland Linux User Group <nwclugadmin@harper.cc.il.us>
  • Blue Springs Linux Users Group <davem@solve.net>
  • "Central West-End LUG (St. Louis)" <rwcitek@alum.calberkeley.org>
  • "St. Louis Linux Users Group" <linux@sluug.org>
  • Kansas State University Linux User Group <sgsax@ksu.edu>
  • "Kansas Unix & Linux Users Association" <kulua@kulua.org>
  • James Madison University Unix Users Group <ripleymj@jmu.edu>
  • Lynchburg Linux User Group (LyLug) <schmots@gmail.com>
  • TideWater Unix Users Group <crxssi@hotmail.com>
  • Washington Area Computer User Group <linux@wacug.org>
  • Yorktown High School Linux Users Group <jeff@elkner.net>
  • Eau Claire Linux User Group <eclug1@gmail.com>
  • La Crosse Linux Users Group <lclug@shanelambert.com>
  • Milwaukee Linux Users Group <gholmer@ameritech.net>
  • Fond du Lac Linux Users Group <luginfo@fdllug.org>
  • New Jersey Linux User Group <larry@njlinux.org>
  • Central Ohio Linux User Group <colug-432@colug.net>
  • Kansas City Linux Users Group <hduston@gmail.com>
  • Columbia MD Area LUG <leadership@calug.org>
  • Washtenaw LUG <lugwash@lugwash.org>
  • Toledo LUG <officers@talug.org>
  • OSU Open Source Club <officers@opensource.osu.edu>

Other Technology Groups

  • Central Ohio Chapter of ACM <cocacm@acm.org>
  • Northwest Ohio Chapter of ACM <secretary@nwoacm.org>, instone@techtoledo.net
  • Casey Henderson <casey@usenix.org> (USENIX)
  • "Kim Hamper, Columbus GirlDevelopIt" <kim@girldevelopit.com>
  • Cincinnati GirlDevelopIt <cincinnati@girldevelopit.com>
  • Pittsburgh GirlDevelopIt <pittsburgh@girldevelopit.com>
  • "SWE Case Western Reserve University, Kelly Buchanan" <klb150@case.edu>
  • "SWE Central Ohio, Elizabeth Terrien" <eaterrien@gmail.com>
  • SWE University of Dayton <Udayton.SWE@gmail.com>
  • SWE Northeast Ohio <neoh.swe.webmaster@gmail.com>
  • SWE South Ohio <southohio.swe.sec@gmail.com>
  • "SWE Stark State University, Kelly Mullane" <kmullane@starkstate.edu>
  • SWE University of Toledo <swe@eng.utoledo.edu>
  • "ACM-W Franklin University, Marta Smith" <smithm08@email.franklin.edu>, "ACM-W Franklin University, Laurie Crawford" <laurie.crawford@franklin.edu>
  • "ACM-W Ohio State, Carrie Scono" <scono.2@osu.edu>, "ACM-W Ohio State, Paul Sivilotti" <sivilotti.1@osu.edu>
  • Fedora Women mailing list <women@lists.fedoraproject.org>
  • KDE Women mailing list <kde-women@kde.org>
  • Ubuntu Women mailing list <ubuntu-women@lists.ubuntu.com>
  • Debian Women mailing list <debian-women@lists.debian.org>
  • PHP Women <hello@phpwomen.org>
  • LinuxChix (webform)


  • John Irvine <john@thehealthcareblog.com>
  • Trever Fischer <tdfischer@fedoraproject.org>
  • Jon 'maddog' Hall <maddog@li.org>
  • Amber Graner <akgraner@ubuntu.com>
  • "Bradley M. Kuhn" <bkuhn@sfconservancy.org>
  • Brian Proffitt <brian@proffitt.org>
  • Chad Wollenberg <chad.wollenberg@southside.edu>
  • Iwan Gabovich <qubodup@gmail.com>
  • Daniel Frey <dmfrey@gmail.com>
  • Joe 'Zonker' Brockmeier <jzb@zonker.net>
  • Jono Bacon <jono@ubuntu.com>
  • Jorge Castro <jorge@ubuntu.com>
  • Ken Fallon <ken.fallon@gmail.com>
  • Rikki Endsley <rendsley@gmail.com>
  • Shawn Powers <shawn@brainofshawn.com>
  • "Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols" <sjvn@vna1.com>
  • Tarus Balog <tarus@opennms.org>
  • Tom 'Spot' Callaway <tcallawa@redhat.com>
  • Alex Papadimoulis <apapadimoulis@inedo.com>, mark.bowytz@gmail.com, Remy Porter <t3knomanser@gmail.com>
  • Stephen Michael Kellat <smkellat@yahoo.com>, Stephen Michael Kellat <skellat@fastmail.net>