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This document discusses when, where, who's responsible, the activity, and what kind of AV we need.

AV Definitions

These are separated out by who is responsible for providing them. 2xY means that we need two of whatever Y is.

  • NA - no AV needs.


  • L - line-in plug (1/8") for music or other audio out from a laptop or ogg-player that we provide - L* means that cable must extend to podium and have volume control
  • P - projector - P* means that VGA cable must extend to podium
  • C - projector cart
  • S - projector screen
  • W - wireless lavalier clip mic
  • A - audience mic (handheld wireless w/stand)
  • O - 1/8" line-out plug for audio recording
  • E - internet via ethernet cable

Smart City

  • I - internet via venue wifi

Ohio LinuxFest

  • V - video camera
  • R - audio recording device
  • J - ad-hoc power strips needed for distributing juice
  • D - misc accessories such as special power cables or video dongles
  • T - printers responsible for producing dead trees
  • B - whiteboard via static cling surface

Nothing is carved in stone.


TBD<1400 TBD BethLynn Hyatt Precon NA
1400-1500 TBD Warner GCCC Precon NA
1500-1800 Mike D140 Move in reg supplies J D T
1800-2000 TBD TBD Staff Dinner & welcome folks to town NA
2000 CMH Vance Pickup Valerie Aurora from the airport NA
TBD CMH Vance Pick up Alan Robinson from the airport NA


0800-1600 Mike EPOD CheckIN & OnSite Registration J T B
0800-1600 Vance D141 Speaker Greenroom J D
0900-1600 Vance E150+E151 Early Penguins Stage P*CSWORAL*
1000-1200 Rob E160+E161 ACT Expo setup NA
1200-1700 Rob E160+E161 Sponsor Expo movein NA
1000-1130 BethLynn E162Front TBD:Intro to Open Source Contribution P*CS
1330-1600 BethLynn E162Front Allys Workshop P*CS
0900-1600 Skippy D240+D241 LPI P*CS
0900-1600 Skippy D132 OLFI 1 - 40ppl P*CS
0900-1600 Skippy D142 OLFI 2 - 12ppl P*CS
0900-1600 Skippy D143 OLFI 3 - 12ppl P*CS
0900-1600 Skippy D144 OLFI 4 - 12ppl P*CS
0900-1600 Skippy D145 OLFI 5 - 12ppl P*CS
1610-1710 Vance E150+E151 Alan Robinson keynote P*CSWOVRAL*
1710-1900 Rob E160+E161+E162 Happy Hour in the Expo L
1800-1900 BethLynn E150+E151 UNIX1985 film & discussion P*CSWAL*
1800-2100 John D240+D241 BOF 1 - 24ppl P*CS
1800-2100 John D132 BOF 2 - 40ppl P*CS
1800-2100 John D142 BOF 3 - 12ppl P*CS
1800-2100 John D143 BOF 4 - 12ppl P*CS
1800-2100 John D144 BOF 5 - 12ppl P*CS
1800-2100 John D145 BOF 6 - 12ppl P*CS
1900-2100+ Vance FranklinC+D Keynote Dinner L


E171 and E172 will be combined for the morning and evening keynotes and must have shared audio and video for these sessions. From 1100-1700 they will be split and must have separate audio and video.

0800→1600 Mike EPOD CheckIN & OnSite Registration J T B I
0800-1800 Vance D141 Speaker Greenroom J D
0800-1800 TBD TBD Raffle Sales B
0800-1700 Rob E160+E161 Expo NA
0900-0910 Warner E171+E172 Opening Remarks P*CS2xWOVRA
0910-1000 Vance/Skippy E171+E172 Aurora keynote interview P*CS2xWOVRA + 2 stage chairs
1000-1800 Vance E170 Track1 P*CSWORA
1000-1800 Vance E150 Track2 P*CSWORAL*
1000-1800 Vance E151 Track3 P*CS2xWORAI
1000-1800 BethLynn E162 OSSS P*CSWA
1100-1700 Vance E171 Track4 P*CS2xWORAL*
1100-1700 Rafeeq E172 Career Track P*CSWA + 2 mics (wired or wireless OK) on short stands at table for panel
1800-1900 Vance E171+E172 Castro Keynote P*CS2xWOVRA
1900-1930 Warner E171+E172 Raffle and closing remarks P*CS2xWA
2000-2100 BethLynn FranklinD FSF30 video stream PCSLE
2000-2359 TBD FranklinA+B+C afterparty L
2000-2359 ? FranklinFoyer Card tables for DailyWTF's Release game NA