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  • don't schedule on Rosh Hashana (Mon. 2015-09-14) or Yom Kippur (Wed. 2015-09-23) - calendar including religious holidays
  • avoid dates that conflict with other FOSS events. Also check SC and USENIX
  • OSU home games, especially home opener, UMich, and PSU cause problems with hotel pricing and availablity
  • Columbus Marathon causes road closures (2015-10-28)
  • shoot for a weekend in September or October
  • never on Labor Day weekend. but Columbus Day weekend is fine.
  • Early scheduling in August to mid September causes lack of college student attendance
  • Be aware of HighBall


  • August - Fedora Flock (specific date not chosen yet)
  • August 14-16 Usenix Security Summit
  • August 17-19 - Linuxcon NA
  • September 5-7 - Laborday
  • Sepbember 23 - Yom Kippur on a Wednesday
  • October 16-18 - Marathon & OSU vs PSU


  • September 12 - OSU home opener vs Hawaii
  • September 19 - OSU exhibition
  • September 26 - OSU exhibition
  • Oct 10 - OSU vs Maryland
  • October 23-25 - Highball
  • Oct 30-Nov 1 - Late


  • October 2-4
  • October 16-18


  • October 16-18
    • Preferred.
    • maddog has a conflict
  • September 19-20
    • maddog can attend.
  • September 26-27
    • maddog cannot attend.
    • Another failback.

Other Venues

See Venues.


These are items either brainstormed by the team or suggested by others that we may want to consider for 2015. They should be removed as we triage/implement/reject them.

  • If you opt to do the career track again, you might to reach out to the local chapters of SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) and the IFEB (International Foundation of Employee Benefits) as additional resources for the round table discussions. - from attendee Mark Ludwig
  • Some way during the CFP for attendees to suggest topics they'd like to see, which potential speakers could use for guidance. - from attendee Jason Vannest