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This page is to keep track of the supplies for the 2014 OLF event.

Video Recording supplies

  • 2 Canon T2i cameras
  • tripods (gotta check the count)
  • extension cables
  • 3 camera batteries
  • 3 32 GB Class 10 SD cards

AudioRecording supplies

  • 6 Zoom H2 recorders, each including following accessories:
    • RCA to 1/8" audio cable
    • USB A to mini-B cable
    • AC power adapter
    • Desktop stand
    • Hand grip/mic clip adapter
  • 7 SDHC cards, 16GB, Class 4
  • 5 tripods w/standard camera mount (4 property of OLF, 1 property of Vance)
  • 10 AA alkaline batteries

Power Strips

  • $name will bring $qty from ...
  • Vance will bring gobs from wplug supply

Office Supplies

  • whiteboard cling sheets - shipped to office
  • Beth Lynn will bring whiteboard markers
  • Beth Lynn needs to buy reams of paper for mikes

Green Room

  • Vance will bring 2 coolers from wplug and personal
  • Beth Lynn will bring cell phone chargers
  • Beth Lynn will bring spare laptop
  • Beth Lynn will bring 1 laser pointer
  • Beth Lynn will bring costco snacks
  • suzenrose is bringing one projector (popup screen too, if possible)

Keynote Party Bev

To also be used for speaker green room (non-alcoholic only)

  • pop
  • beer
  • juice
  • Vance will bring 96 bottles of water


  • Rob will bring 1 projector for DIOS (CMM)
  • Suzenrose will bring 1 projector and one popop screen if possible


  • Rob will bring 2 easles
  • Rob will bring printer and box of reams of paper
  • We need stick tack
  • We will have whiteboard cling sheets on hand
  • We had multiyear signs made... who's bringing them?