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Remaining Tasks

Task Status Lead Notes
Pre-Con Meeting Complete Warner Scheduled
Keynotes Complete Vance All four confirmed (Ken, Ruth, maddog, Alex).
Sponsors In Progress Rob Working with Rafeeq. Need to get paid sponsor logos on web site and we need to start promoting.
Select Speakers Complete Vance All selections made and speakers confirmed.
Publish Saturday Schedule Nearly Complete Vance Schedule of main track talks established. OSSS (Rob/Beth Lynn) and Career Track (Warner) partially scheduled.
Finalize Room Layout Nearly Complete Warner Layout published on schedule page. Still need to provide diagrams for Friday happy hour to GCCC.
GCCC signage form Nearly Complete Warner Need to provide rigging (signs hung from the ceiling) two months prior to the event. (8/24)
Need to provide electronic signage CSV file by 10/22 - Vance has completed except remaining OSSS/Career Track sessions.
New logo on site Complete MikeS Coordinating with Rob
Regdesk In progress MikeS Need a source of reg desk computers (CMM?)
T-shirts Complete Kirk Kirk to update list before next meeting.(8/16) Coordinating with Rob to get print ready graphic from the flier. Get graphics, shirt colors, etc to MikeS for web store
Badges In Progress Kirk Kirk will perform initial research, update list before next meeting, and have an update next meeting (8/16). Focus is quality, cost, and timeline. At least as good as past or better. We've used bandpasses.com in the past.
Audio/Video (PSAV) In Progress Warner Warner reached out to PSAV on 8/11. Expecting e-mail with initial info.
Tables/Skirts (ACT) In Progress Unassigned
Supplies In Progress Carol
Professional Signage In Progress MikeS Performing initial research
Sunday certification Complete Beth Lynn BSD and LPI confirmed and scheduled.
DIOS In Progress Jaymie
Career Track In Progress Warner Working with Rafeeq.
Lightning Talks Nearly Complete Skippy Scheduled for 5:00pm Sat. just prior to and in same room as keynote. Announcement posted on web site.
Registration e-mail Not Started Unassigned Feedback on list. We need revised registration e-mail templates.
Programs Not Started ScottC
Coordinate After-Party Not Started Beth-Lynn
Coordinate keynote dinner Complete Vance Scheduled for 8:00pm Friday at Drury, catering arranged.
Volunteer Coordination Not Started MikeS Warner forwarded volunteer list to Mike
Wifi Not Started MikeS
Security Not Started Unassigned What do we need?
Food (Aramark) Not Started Beth-Lynn Discussions had but need final decisions. Probably beverage service, probably vendors. No food for OLFI. Anything else?
Equipment for Con Not Started Rob Printers, laptops. What do we need?
Audio Recording Not Started Unassigned Need volunteer, Vance can train.

Outstanding Questions

  • Thursday pre-event?
  • What can we do for speakers that's a nice gesture? (IE. T-shirts, lunch, et cetera)
  • What to do with old T-shirts?
    • Warner prefers marketing. Selling reduces perceived value of those who previously acquired them.

Don't Forget

  • 10/1 - Raise OLFI to $450 - DONE


  • General Improvements
    • Web site on COD
    • Staff page
  • 2014 Conference
    • GCCC contract
    • Lodging contracts (Drury/Hyatt)
    • Meeting room booked at Drury
    • CFP
    • OLFI
    • Registration open
    • Ubucon (not happening)

TODO Post-Con

  • Post-Con Meeting - Warner
  • Roadmap for 2015 - Warner
  • Budget for 2015 / better financial tracking

TODO Eventually

  • Review past site content and transfer to new site

Strategic Projects

We'll need surplus revenue to fund these.

  • Brand/marketing portfolio
  • Graphic design
  • Site design