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  • Overall contracts and money issues.
    • The only person who can purchase things and sign contracts for OLF is Beth Lynn, she is the OLF corporation treasurer. Do not try to sign for anything yourself, it won't be legal.
    • We don't pay taxes. Beth Lynn has appropriate forms or most of our vendors will supply them if asked.
      • We often have to remind vendors that we have worked with for years. They keep misplacing the forms.
  • GCCC
    • Our primary contact is Katie Suty [ksuty columbusconventions com]
    • Rooms are booked through Debbie Vaughn [BLE has contact info]
    • Katie coordinates room layouts [airwalls, chairs, stages, podiums, etc.]
      • If you ask "Can we do this in the GCCC" it goes to Katie
    • Katie now also coordinates overnight guards. $16/hr
      • Overnight guard schedule for 2012:
Friday 3pm-7pm [expo move-in]
Friday C-pods 10pm-7am [overnight]
Friday D-pods 7pm-7am [overnight]
Friday C220 10pm-7am [overnight]
Saturday 6am-10am [expo move-in]
Saturday 4pm-8pm [expo move-out]
    • Aramark is the caterer for the GCCC
    • Our primary contact is Kaitlin Hayhurts [Hayhurst-Kaitlin - aramark com]
    • ALL food for GCCC events must go through Aramark
  • PSAV
    • PSAV is the a/v company we use. They are based in the Hyatt
      • The preferred in-house GCCC a/v company is Markey's. We have had problems getting quality work from them in the past.
    • Our primary contact is Dave Martini [dmartini psav com]
  • ACT
    • ACT does the booths & tables, and other "dressings" around the GCCC [easels, drapings, tablecloths, etc.]
    • Our primary contact is Barb Simms [bsimms actcolumbus com]