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The winter in-person meeting will be held Sunday, March 8, 2015 from 9:00am to 6:00pm. The location will be CoverMyMeds in downtown Columbus at 2 Miranova Place Floor 10, Columbus, OH 43215.

The parking garage for Miranova is located on Mound Street. [Westin Columbus] is located less than a block away.

We coordinated availability on [URL Doodle] for this meeting.


Items for Discussion

Please put any topics that you would like to discuss with the team in this list and we'll try to slot it into the final agenda.

  • Last Con
    • What went well last year
    • What didn't go well
  • This year
    • What to improve?



If you will be present in person, please put your name here.

  • Warner Moore
  • Rob Ball
  • Your name here


If you're going to join us electronically, please put your name here. Details to follow for joining.

  • Your name here


If you can't make it, please put your name here so we won't be expecting you

  • Your name here


Files/links to items we may need to refer to during the meeting.


Document happenings at the meeting, decisions made, etc. here.