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The Ohio LinuxFest is a grassroots conference for the GNU/Linux/Open Source Software/Free Software community that started in 2003 as a large inter-LUG meeting and has grown steadily since. It is a place for the community to gather and share information about Linux and Open Source Software.

Our Values

  • We welcome everyone try Free Software in a supportive, friendly, community environment - no matter what Operating System you use.
  • We believe in transparency and have a goal of producing a guide for event planning.
  • We embrace other LinuxFests and Free Software events and dream of a day where these conferences are a short drive to all.
  • We enjoy freedom and diversity therefore we offer free registration welcoming all to attend.
  • We conduct business with a team of unpaid volunteers to create the best community-oriented conference experience.
  • We thank those companies, organizations, and non-profits that make using Free Software available and accessible for the public good.

About the Ohio LinuxFest Corporation

We are a 501(c)3 corporation of the State of Ohio dedicated to educating the public about free software. Our primary way for doing so is to produce our own event, the Ohio LinuxFest. The next Ohio LinuxFest is September 10-12, 2010 in Columbus, Ohio.

Contacting the Ohio LinuxFest

Look Here for information about our IRC channel, regular meetings and planning mailing list. Come get involved with the Ohio LinuxFest

Working with the Ohio LinuxFest

We offer nothing in compensation but the rewards are many.

Join our team if you can offer help in customer service, speaker recruitment, sponsorship sales, public relations, educational programming, or logistics. There is a place for everyone.