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We will hold an in-person meeting on May 19, 2012, in Columbus Ohio. We will meet at our new offices at 470 Olde Worthington Rd, Columbus OH, 43082 at 10 am. We will run until about 5pm and then go off to dinner somewhere.

For non locals: Hampton Inn [1] is across the street. But Red Roof Inn [2] is less expensive for the budget conscious.

Pre-meeting To-Dos

  • Rob: Get wireless password before meeting
  • Other Mike: Bring hardware so we can Google Hangout
    • Kevin will be remote

Please start listing topics you wish to discuss under here

  • Overview of rooms in use and proposed schedule
  • Registration levels
    • Brainstorming: What can we do that is low or (preferably) no cost to offer to set different reg levels
  • Website
    • Hosting
    • Design
  • Payment methods