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Ohio LinuxFest is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Linux kernel with a variety of programming that you will enjoy. On Friday, 9/9/11, we offer a full day of instruction, including LPIC Exam Cram and other topics such as BSD, Apache, and Python, aimed at System Administrators. And if you want to take the LPIC 101 and 102 exams, we offer that on Sunday 9/11/11.

Also on Friday 9/9/11 we will be offering a day-long Medical Track that focuses on the use of Open Source software in Healthcare. Topics will include Electronic Medical Records, Meaningful Use, and how to improve communications.

Then we have keynoters Jon 'maddog' Hall looking back at 20 years of Linux and looking forward to another 20 years of free culture, Cathy Malmrose (ZaReason) on how OSS is changing people's lives, and Bradley Kuhn (Software Freedom Conservancy) on issues of freedom with SaaS.

Plus Ubucon, the Open Source Solutions Stage, and 30 talks on a wide-variety of Linux and OSS-related topics, just to name a few. So there is something to appeal to anyone with a love of free software.

For further details, pricing, and schedules, please go to