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This is the main area for Publicity and PR. This area has resources and information on how we do Publicity for Ohio LinuxFest.


Publicity work for OLF has us reaching out to a number of different audiences. Each audience gets messages tailored to that audience, and may be addressed at different times depending on what it is we need to say. Our publicity plan takes this into account as we prepare and distribute our messages.


Publicity for OLF is a year-round operation, but we have different messages to send out at different times. The first few months after an event are generally pretty quiet, but then we start looking for speakers and putting out our Call for Proposals. That will generally run through the end of May each year. At about the time the CFP process concludes we need to get out the word about our Keynote speakers, who are the big names that draw an audience. This naturally leads into publicizing Registration, which should be open and ready for business by June. As we get closer to the event we push the event itself, and finally the close of Registrations. This overview gives us a sense of the flow of Publicity work through the year.

Promo Media

Some promotional images and audio files for 2011 are available at .

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Talking Points

Ideas for 2012

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