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<td>Indiana LinuxFest</td><td>April</td><td>Jason Corfman</td><td>jcorfman@indianalinux.org</td>
<td>Indiana LinuxFest</td><td>April</td><td>Michael Schultheiss</td><td>schultmc@indianalinux.org</td>

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We want to be part of a community of Linux fests and events that cross-promote each other. For that reason, we have gathered some contact info

NameUsual MonthContact NameContact E-mail Address
SCALEJanuaryLarry Cafierolarry.cafiero@gmail.com
Northeast LinuxFestMarchJonathan Nadeaunortheastlinux@gmail.com
Indiana LinuxFestAprilMichael Schultheissschultmc@indianalinux.org
LinuxFest NorthwestApril
PenguiconMayJames Hicejames.hice@gmail.com
Southeast LinuxFestJune
BSDCanMayDan Langilledan@langille.org
UsenixVariousAndrew Gustafsonandrew@usenix.org ; marketing@usenix.org

See also this online listing of events at http://fossevents.org/