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<td>Pennsylvania</td><td>Lehigh Valley Linux Users Group</td><td>pdavila@thelinuxlink.net</td>
<td>Pennsylvania</td><td>Lehigh Valley Linux Users Group</td><td>pdavila@thelinuxlink.net</td>
<td>Pennsylvania</td><td>Philadelphia Area LUG</td><td>mct@toren.net</td>
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<td>Tennessee</td><td>Nashville Linux Users Group</td><td>nlug-talk@googlegroups.com</td>
<td>Tennessee</td><td>Nashville Linux Users Group</td><td>nlug-talk@googlegroups.com '''subscriber-only mailing list'''</td>
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<td>New York</td><td>New York Linux Users' Group</td><td>jgleason@nylug.org</td>
<td>New York</td><td>New York Linux Users' Group</td><td>info@nylug.org</td>
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<td>Wisconsin</td><td>Fond du Lac Linux Users Group</td><td>craig@polishcrap.com</td>
<td>Wisconsin</td><td>Fond du Lac Linux Users Group</td><td>luginfo@fdllug.org</td>

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Note: This list comes from a variety of sources. But if an address bounces twice in a row it is removed. This list is as of 11 May 2014.

OhioColumbus Computer Society Linux SIGssharkey@lanshark.com
OhioDayton Linux SIGDLUG-Contact@dma.org
OhioKent LUGkluug@kent.edu
OhioLaboratory for Recreational Computing @ UCstylinae@email.uc.edu
OhioLima LUGshaun@therabbithole.org
OhioMarysville LUGbryan@byhalia.net
OhioNorth Central Ohio LUGrmessner@neo.rr.com
OhioToledo LUGofficers@talug.org
OhioUbuntu Ohio LoCovorian@ubuntu.com
OhioXohio users groupxohio@picrad.com
OhioApple Daytonappledaytonsig@dma.org
OhioCentral Ohio Java Users Groupannouncements@cojug.org
OhioCleveland 2600 SIGkit@kitty.org
OhioDayton Perl Mongerspaulv@canonical.org
OhioLorain County PC Users Grouppresident@lccug.com
OhioMac2 Macintosh Users Groupmac2mac@raex.com
OhioMahoning Valley Mac Users Groupbob@newillmeister.com
OhioNorth Coast Mac Users Groupncmug_oh@mac.com
OhioNortheast Ohio Apple Corpsmarvleventhal@mac.com
OhioNortheast Ohio Open Source Societywebmaster@nooss.org
OhioNorthern Ohio Pro Engineers Groupboard@nopug.org
OhioNorthern Ohio Vmware Users Groupgilbert.a.winter@grc.nasa.gov
OhioRubber City Perl Mongersmarkymoon@mac.com
OhioTuscarawas County Mac Users Groupkwarrene@tcmug.org
PennsylvaniaLehigh Valley Linux Users Grouppdavila@thelinuxlink.net
PennsylvaniaWestern PA LUGinfo@wplug.org
PennsylvaniaCentral PA LUGeric@openthought.net
IndianaBloomington LUGmark@slugbug.org
IndianaCentral Indiana LUGschultmc@cinlug.org
IndianaFort Wayne LUGsimon.a.ruiz@gmail.com
IndianaLinux User Group Indiana Northwestrozdyck@lugin.org
IndianaNotre Dame LUGndlug@nd.edu
IndianaRichmond Linux Users Groupthree@threethirty.us
W. VirginiaMorgantown Free Software Group (aka MorFree)dharris9@mix.wvu.edu
W. VirginiaMorgantown LUG (aka MorLUG)craig@schiffbauer.org
KentuckyMurray State Linux BSD Groupjames.lacer@gmail.com
TennesseeKnoxville Linux Users Groupklug@cs.utk.edu
TennesseeNashville Linux Users Groupnlug-talk@googlegroups.com subscriber-only mailing list
MichiganMetro Detroit Linux Users Groupmdlug@mdlug.org
MichiganWashtenaw LUGlugwash@lugwash.org
MichiganUbuntu Michigan LoCoubuntu-us-mi@lists.ubuntu.com
MichiganGreater Lansing Linux Users Grouplinux-user@egr.msu.edu
MichiganMetro Detroit Linux Users Grouppresident@mdlug.org
MichiganWayne State University Linux User Groupwsulug@gmail.com
New YorkLinux User Group of Rochester (RIT)lugorml@rochester.rr.com
New YorkWestern New York Linux Users Groupadmin@wnylug.org
New YorkCapital Distirct Linux Users Groupinfo@cdlug.net
New YorkLinux Users Group @ Stony Brooklugsb@ic.sunysb.edu
New YorkMid-Hudson Valley Linux Users Groupsean@dague.net
New YorkNew York Linux Sceneruben@mrbrklyn.com
New YorkNew York Linux Users' Groupinfo@nylug.org
New YorkSouthern Tier of New York Linux Users Groupwebmaster@stnylug.org
New YorkSyracuse Linux Users Groupsyrlug@syrlug.org
N. CarolinaTriangle Linux Users Groupchairman@trilug.org
N. CarolinaCharLuginfo@charlug.org
N. CarolinaPiedmont Linux Users Groupplug@lists.wfu.edu
IllinoisLinux Users of Northern Illinois (a LUG who sponsors many Chicago LUGS)info@luni.org
IllinoisRock River Linus Users Groupsamiam@gmail.com
IllinoisSouthern Illinois LUG (includes metro St. Louis)info@silug.org
IllinoisChicago Area VM (and Linux) Enthusiastscavmen@comcast.net
IllinoisCollege of Lake County Linux Clubvceder@gmail.com
IllinoisNorthWest Chicagoland Linux User Groupnwclugadmin@harper.cc.il.us
MissouriBlue Springs Linux Users Groupdavem@solve.net
MissouriCentral West-End LUG (St. Louis)rwcitek@alum.calberkeley.org
MissouriKansas City Linux Users Groupkclug@kclug.org
MissouriSt. Louis Linux Users Grouplinux@sluug.org
KansasKansas State University Linux User Groupsgsax@ksu.edu
KansasKansas Unix & Linux Users Associationkulua@kulua.org
VirginiaJames Madison University Unix Users Groupripleymj@jmu.edu
VirginiaLynchburg Linux User Group (LyLug)schmots@gmail.com
VirginiaTideWater Unix User's Groupcrxssi@hotmail.com
VirginiaWashington Area Computer User Group (WAC)linux@wacug.org
VirginiaYorktown High School Linux Users' Groupjeff@elkner.net
WisconsinEau Claire Linux User Groupeclug1@gmail.com
WisconsinFond du Lac Linux Users Groupluginfo@fdllug.org
WisconsinLa Crosse Linux Users Group [LCLUG]lclug@shanelambert.com
WisconsinMilwaukee Linux Users Groupgholmer@ameritech.net
New JerseyThe New JerseyOS/2 & Linux User Grouplarry@njlinux.org