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We will hold an in-person meeting on Nov 3, 2012, in Columbus Ohio. We will meet at our offices at 470 Olde Worthington Rd, Columbus OH, 43082 at 10 am. We will run until about 5pm and then go off to dinner somewhere.

For non locals: Hampton Inn [1] is across the street. But Red Roof Inn is is less expensive for the budget conscious. In the past some of us have stayed at the Worthington location, but we've had things stolen from us, had our reservations changed out from under us, and other problems. Moose recommends the Westerville RRI instead.

Proposed items for discussion

  • Detailed walk-through of the event, from Thursday afternoon
    • What worked, what did not work
  • Potential room layouts for next year
  • (if time) Discussion of We-Oughtas
  • Shirt packaging: All Robots Assemble!

Robot Roll Call


Are you coming to the meeting? Then sign up here!

  • Warner Moore
  • Phil Reiche
  • Kevin O'Brien
  • Your name here
  • My name there
  • Here a name, there a name
  • Everywhere a name name
  • Old McSchult had a farm - M-i-k-e-S

Live via satellite

Are you participating remotely? This is where your name goes!

  • Your name here

Tried in absentia

Not going to participate at all? :-( List your name here and we'll assign you penance.

  • Vance Kochenderfer
    • YOUR PENANCE: Editing umpteen hours of audio files
  • Your name here