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* [[User:Mizmoose|Moose]]
* [[User:Mizmoose|Moose]]
* [[User:Schultmc|Michael Schultheiss]]
* [[User:Schultmc|Michael Schultheiss]]
* [[User:Bear|Dennis Palmer]]

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We will hold an in-person meeting on October 29 in Columbus Ohio. We will meet at our new offices at 470 Olde Worthington Rd, Columbus OH, 43082 at 10 am. Hampton Inn [1] is across the street. But Red Roof Inn [2] is less expensive for the budget conscious.

Please start listing topics you wish to discuss under here

  • Server
  • Web Site
  • Marketing OLFI
  • Technology improvements
    • Project Management software
    • Backup of data
    • Management of e-mail data (Google Apps??)
    • Document management and storage
    • Trouble ticket system
  • Different meeting day for IRC

Agenda (in progress):

  • OLF 2011 walkthrough & debrief
    • What happened, what went wrong, what went right
  • Early planning
    • Server move