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The next Ohio LinuxFest will be September 10-12, 2010. That's less than 6 weeks away.
The next Ohio LinuxFest will be October 2-3, 2015.
= Server and Web Issues =
== Server Outage ==
Attention: This section describes an ongoing event.
Around 15:00 eastern on July 23, the server which hosts www.ohiolinux.org and @ohiolinux.org mailboxes and aliases went down. The website was restored with an new and improved interface within 24 hours. Mail services are fully restored.
Greg has retrieved the backup and he is making it available to Mike Meffie.
== Opening Registration ==
We were about to go live with the registration system on July 24 but the server outage changed that. Thank you for your patience. Mike Meffie is on it.
== Rebuilding the wiki ==
The wiki that was at http://wiki.ohiolinux.org is now here. Email bethlynn@users.sourceforge.net to request edit access to this wiki. We need the files on your computer and your intellect to reconstruct this thing in a timely manner. While we believe that there are backups, restoring the website is priority one.
= Speaker Announcement =
We are in the middle of confirming speakers. Concerned parties can contact speakers@ohiolinux.org

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The next Ohio LinuxFest will be October 2-3, 2015.