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The Ohio LinuxFest meets every Sunday evening at 9pm Eastern US time on IRC. The Server is and the channel is #ohiolinux.

The Planning team also has a mailing list used for regular communication. For subscription information, please come introduce yourself at one of our weekly meetings. We'd love to have you come work with us!

Who is who?

You'll see these folks on the IRC channel during meetings:

  • bethlynn - Beth Lynn, Sponsorship team, board member
  • happylemur - Vance, Speaker Chair
  • jlstrecker - Jaymie, DIOS chair
  • kimmel - Kirk, Web developer
  • MrKnisely - "Other" Mike & Laura, various
  • predigtmant - Carol, speakers team
  • schultmc - Mike S, Registration chair, webmaster
  • Skpy - Skippy, OLFI Chair
  • Steakum - Rob, Sponsorship Chair, board member
  • Suzenrose - Social Media Chairperson
  • Syscrusher - Scott, co-Chair Meet the Penguin, board member
  • Warner - Conference chair

As our meetings are open to all, others may be there and this list may be incomplete.