Conflict of Interest

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The Ohio Linuxfest Corporation is committed to controlling those who benefit from our programs for the optimal benefit of the general public. Our board, our event planning committee members, and our volunteers work together to this goal.

We do not:

*  have paid employees
*  compensate board directors
*  offer our services at a discount to board directors or committee members
*  allow board directors, committee members, or volunteers to accept gifts above token value from our vendors, contracts, sponsors, or program recipients for personal gain

We do

*  make decisions as a team on which vendors and contractors in which to do business
*  shop for the best prices to ensure fair-market-value
*  approve budget for annual conference expenses as a board with input from the team
*  require expense reports to be approved by at least two board members before a reimbursement is issued

Should the Ohio Linuxfest Corporation have an offer to enter into a business transaction with a:

* board director
* committee member
* company in which principle owner (over 35%) is a board director or committee member
* an immediate family member of a board director or committee member

then the interest must be disclosed at the time of the offer.

Disclosed interests shall be investigated by at least one board director who does not benefit from the outcome for a decision.