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Birds of a feather are a great way to get together.


  • When: 6pm-9pm on Friday
  • Where: See the space plan for more info.
  • BoF content on web site is live
  • Intention is to use all OLFI rooms
    • Early Penguins room may be sought if capacity, AV, or extra slots are needed
  • Intention is three one-hour timeslots: 6:00, 7:00, and 8:00pm
    • Are these good? When will happy hour run? - Happy hour still planned for 5:00-7:00
    • Some sessions may need a double timeslot; this is fine
  • Will put effort into recruiting people to host BoFs
    • E-mail blast to ohiolinux-attendees
    • Contact past BoF organizers (e.g., GPG keysigning)
    • See if John Harig can put me in touch with others
    • Can be promoted on social media - use news post as a template
  • Will close online applications Wed, Oct 10 or if slots are filled
    • Want to have a whiteboard with any open slots on Friday for day-of proposals
  • Ideas for how best to show schedule? List sessions on overall conference schedule or make separate page?

Session Schedule
Floor Room (capacity) 6:00pm 7:00pm 8:00pm
2 Fairfield (165) BOF BOF BOF
Fayette (72) BOF BOF BOF
Madison (84) BOF BOF BOF
Marion (84) BOF BOF BOF
Morrow (114) BOF BOF BOF
Union A (78) BOF BOF BOF
1 Grant (68) BOF BOF BOF
Harrison (200+AV) BOF BOF BOF